96. The Autumn Episode, An Olfactory Overload


Autumn is among us, and the guys talk about their favorite fall traditions, and how they’ve changed over time. One of the guys’ dads gets a little competitive when it comes to carving pumpkins, Tom gets punched in the face on Halloween, the day he first hung out with Zach 15 years ago, and Zach has controversial opinions on which Halloween candy he’d always trade up for.

95. The Body Modification Episode


Zach joins Pat and Tom for this episode all about body modifications that was inspired by Tom watching all 3 Lord of the Rings movies back to back. Liv taylor… meowww. Tom corrects Pat about the ridiculous term “gauges”, the guys discuss Tom’s magnet finger, and they all plan out their future matching bro tats. Somehow it almost turns into a Zooey Deschanel episode at the end, but that’ll be saved for a later date.

Listen to Tom and Pat’s new podcast, Pod Carnage here

94. Post-Wedding 'Zark Party


After a quick mailbag, the guys discuss Pat’s wedding, the weekend in the Ozarks, a honeymoon in Vancouver, and maybe they unintentionally drop some sick beats. Who knows?

93. Sam Pura on The Story So Far's New Album, "Proper Dose"


In this special episode, Sam Pura, the owner and chief engineer at The Panda Studios, and long-time producer of The Story So Far’s records joins Tom for a really interesting conversation about all that went in to the making of their latest album, Proper Dose. The conversation covered a lot of ground, from the struggles that went into making the record, some really amazing and out-of-the-box recording techniques, the unfortunate crime that is audio engineering school, and maybe a Beatles joke or two.

92. Pod Carnage: Busy Boys


Another episode of Pod Carnage in the books as the novella is inching ever closer to a late 2018 release. There’s so much to be done, but it’s getting very exciting now. The guys lay out what they’ve been working on, and all that there’s left to do.

91. Last Episode as an Unmarried Man


In the last episode recorded before Pat gets married, the guys talk about last minute thoughts and vibes before the wedding. There's also a very special guest, who may or may not be human, and they shut it down with 1 final relaxation session before the wedding. What could go wrong?


90. The Tuscaloosa Slug Butt


This extended mailbag episode hits on many topics never before discussed on the show. New characters are certain to make appearances in the Ron Carnage chronicles, the guys discuss their favorite American Idol contestants, voting systems, the pizza bomber, and there's even some ASMR involved. The guys from Oh, Canada stop by for a quick shout, and somehow Tom's feet are back in the news, but only 90s kids would get it. 


89. An Apology 10 Years in the Making


The guys started an episode about their biggest regrets, but it quickly became obvious that one of Tom's regrets needed a full episode. First loves are hard, and Tom royally screwed his up. The way things ended has haunted him for nearly 10 years, and he digs deep into the person he was back then, and how he's taken steps to right those wrongs. 


88. Life is a Hole, Dig It... or Something


Pat takes the reigns on this episode as the guys talk about hanging out this weekend (or not), the passing of his soon to be father-in-law, and Tom gets to ask Pat 5 questions about anything. Pat bears his soul for the first time, and it's glorious. 


87. The Worst Time to Be a Pop Punk Fan


Tom missed his favorite band when they came through town last week, and it leads to a conversation about a weird and transitional time in a bands career where their success lands them in a weird place for fans who've been with them from the beginning. Tom tries to not sound like a hipster, Pat tells him he does, and the guys from Oh, Canada drop in to celebrate Civic Holiday. 


86. Taking Back Sunday's Tell All Your Friends v. Where You Want to Be


Taking Back Sunday and their 2 hit albums Tell All Your Friends and Where You Want to be are the main topic of discussion this week, and as you probably could have guessed, the guys can't agree on which album is better. Some wild fan theories are discussed, including one of Tom's mom's (not a fan), and both recount some pivotal moments in their lives and the role that this band played. 


85. The Market Price For Giggles


In the most transitional of transitional episodes, the guys discuss 2 main topics: finally publishing their novel Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy, and rebranding the podcast. Obviously, the guys can't seem to agree on a single thing, but it should be an exciting couple of months for the show. Later on, the answer some listener mail and plan their weekend in Denver this winter. 


84. The *NSYNC Music Video Power Hour


One of the greatest boy bands of all time *NSYNC is the main topic of discussion this week. The guys give their usual fun facts, recount stories of when they first heard of the band, and the long disputed feud of Backstreet Boys vs. *NSYNC. Pat brings a wild theory to the table of the power struggle between JC and JT, and how it affected positioning in music videos and wild hair-dos. The guys then discuss their most popular music videos, and close it out with some more last minute wedding talk. 

Tweet at the show to let us know if you were/are team Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC. And if you're team O-town or 98degrees, just keep that to yourselves. 


83. New Year Resolutions Follow Up, 2018


Tom receives a wedding postcard from his favorite podcaster, Pat learns about making Japanese iced coffee, the guys discuss the future of The Chronicles of Ron Carnage, and follow up with their New Year's Goals and Resolutions.

82. Tom's Wet Hot American Wedding


The guys are back from their longest break to share their stories about Tom's recent wedding and honeymoon. There wasn't a step along the way that didn't go tragically wrong, and they lay out all the details for your enjoyment. There are some additional clips from the night before and the day of the wedding, starting off the episode with a crazy run-in with rival gangs of hungry coyotes, and they wrap it up with Pat's best man speech. 


81. The My Chemical Romance "I'm Not Okay" Power Hour


The guys do a full breakdown of My Chemical Romances first huge hit, I'm Not Okay off of their second studio album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. The song holds a special place in the guys' hearts, and they give some insight as to where their lives were when they first heard it. The guys then decide to cast the theoretical movie on which the music video is based. 


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I'm Not Okay Music Video

Helena Music Video



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80. Touch-of-Gray


One of the guys is going gray, the other is a digital hoarder, both discuss which coffee mugs they're currently drinking out of, and in the wake of a death comes a new business venture. Tom still hasn't written the vows for his wedding that is 2 weeks away, nor has he done anything else that he should have by now. 


79. Full-On Crawdad


Before an invigorating mailbag, the guys discuss what modern homes will look like after 2020, and if home assistance devices and solar technology will be ubiquitous in the near future. After that, Tom tells a story about how he broke his jaw, one of the guys shaves his feet, and Pat gives way too many spoilers on the Erie, PA pizza bomber case, even after Tom begs him to stop. 



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Alexa Records and Sends Private Conversations

Evil Genius on Netflix

Stuff You Should Know Podcast

Wire Magazine Article on Pizza Bomber

Pizza Bomber by Ed Palatella *


Song of the week:

Feel Good by Illenium feat. Daya


Book of the week:
Vacationland * by John Hodgeman 



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78. I Left a Part of Me in Dallas


After a quick mail bag and profession of love to Elon Musk (again), Tom recounts his trip to Texas for work training. He met the most interesting man in the world at the airport, almost missed a flight, explored Dallas with new friends, learned how to dance, and hung out on The Grassy Knoll.



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Tom’s Dallas Video

6th Floor Museum



Songs of the week:

My Computer Just Became Self Aware by Trevor Moore

Where’d U Go by Illenium X Said The Sky



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77. My Apologies to Tulsa


The girls are out of town, and the guys aren't quite sure what to do with their time. They ask themselves if they're okay with getting lamer and less adventurous as they get older, and one of the guys might be moving cities again. Pat recalls a haunting moment where he was heard singing to a girl in class, and it will probably get brought up every week moving forward. 


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25 Best Things to do in Tulsa

Tulsa Skyline Photos

Jim Carey Political Artwork


Book of the week:

Vacationland by John Hodgeman


Song of the week: 

Small Infinity by Whim



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