114. The Taylor Swift Discography Draft


Taylor Swift has played an interesting part in Tom and Pats lives over the years, and they take a minute revisit the entire discography in this week’s draft. Each picks 1 song from each album to draft to their EP, with 2 wild cards from any album to complete a 7 track mixtape. Some of the songs on the list have been played at multiple weddings, funerals, have been performed as acoustic covers when the guys were still in their teens, and still grace their top played list on Apple Music to this day. Make sure to let them know which songs would make your EP, and don’t forget to pre-order their upcoming anti-novel, Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy!!!


113. Cartel's Chroma: Honestly, a One Album Wonder


Let’s face it… Chroma was a good album, but it fell just short of great. The guys try to dig into what it was missing, along with all the things it did incredibly right. Pat tells a story of how the senior class was inspired to make a “tobacco pipe” after attending a surprise Cartel show, and Tom announces some exciting details about their upcoming antinovel, Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy.

112. Punk Goes Pod, Vol. 112


The Punk Goes…. series from Fearless Records has been a strange part of the scene since their debut in 1999. Being a victim of their own haste and careless assignments of bands has unleashed more than a handful of truly awful cover songs, but maybe it was all worth it for the few that have stood out from the rest. The guys discuss the best and worst that has come form the series over the years, and close the show out with some life changing breaking news from Tom.