28. Emily Calandrelli in: The Next Science Person


Northrop Grumman just bought a whole lotta rockets, Cassini bids adieu, and the guys have a great conversation with Emily Calandrelli; the Next Science Person. This episode concludes the first trilogy of episodes focused specifically on science communication, best practices, and the need for more of it. Be sure to check out Ad Astra Episodes 8 and 27 to get the whole picture.


Places to Donate for Hurricane Irma

American Red Cross: Usually the first group people think of when giving after a disaster. It says it is providing shelters for those displaced by Irma, and it has thousands of volunteers on the ground in the state.

Global Giving: A charity crowdfunding site that is attempting to raise $2 million to be used exclusively for local relief and recovery efforts.

Airbnb: The hospitality company is working to coordinate people in need of a place to stay with people willing to offer a free room.



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