7. Episode VII: The Science Awakens

In this week's episode, we honor the great John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth. Jack and Newton discuss recent news regarding the future of the Air Force in space, a major milestone in exoplanet discovery, and a suite of newly approved NASA programs that will turn theoretical physics into practice. They answer listener-submitted queries and talk about the upcoming March for Science on April 22.


Latest from Washington/Colorado

Rep. Rogers calls for a Space Corps

House thinks AF is too timid

Moon AND Mars??? (Jack might have to apologize)




Space News Highlight of the Week

Atmosphere discovered on Earth-sized planet


International Updates

China's Yulong Tian elaborates more

China’s 2016 Space White Paper (sorta)

Europe commits to a minimum launch cadence of (5) Ariane 6, (2) Vega C


Latest in Tech

NASA invests in 22 visionary exploration concepts


Listener-submitted Queries

Joanne asks: “how do we store food for a Mars mission?”

Earth Independent ECLSS/Deep Space Gateway+Transport would require some way to produce food.

How Nasa is Solving the Space Food Problem- Eater

Even in Space, the Psychology of Food Matters-MNN

Coming Soon to Space

March for Science


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