Hot Fuss turns 15: On The Killers playing Mr. Brightside at the first open mic, which doesn't make us feel good about ourselves at all


Putting yourself out there and really trying hard at something is a terrifying thing to do. If movies and TV have taught us anything, trying is not cool.

But every once in a while, we do exactly that -- whether it's creating art, or asking someone out for coffee, or just speaking up during a work meeting.

This could very easily turn into an article about how life is short and we should capitalize on the opportunities that come our way, how we all have unique voices and should take chances (and under Frizzle logic make subsequent mistakes and get messy).

But it's Hot Fussweek here at Reminiscent, and this isn't an article that is supposed to make you feel good.

Sometimes we put ourselves out there, this is true. Sometimes those efforts go awry. But did you know Brandon Flowers fucking had "Mr. Brightside" written in time for the band's first open mic?

Doesn't that just make you feel awful?

"Hey, guys I think I might start a band."

"Oh, great, Brandon. That's so cool. Have you written any songs?"

"Yeah, just one so far. I guess we'll find out if it's any good."

I guess the fuck we will, and I suppose the fuck we did. Here's Flowers talking about it with Seth Meyers:

Nonetheless, happy belated 15th birthday, Hot Fuss. Thank you Killers, thank you Vegas, and thank you if you're still reading this.

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