My Chemical Romance Reunion Show Setlist Requests


Recently My Chemical Romance, a band that was very popular in the mid-2000s, announced a reunion show. It sold out hella quickly. At a time when acts like Elton John are announcing farewell tours, this should be a borderline scary concept for Gen Y. Are you ready for this? Are you ready for this nostalgia blast? Gen X is certainly not done with their run, given the success of the “Goldbergs” run on ABC. This is just the beginning.

It wasn’t niche to be emo, and that has become clear based on the Twitter reaction to the MCR announcement. The show sold out in no time at all, and it will be the first of many. Are you ready for it?


EDITOR’S NOTE: If so, great! We are, too. That’s the whole show. By the way, here’s our Hawthorne Heights episode.

If so, great. Because it’s coming. The year 2020 is just the beginning of what will be an all-too-soon onslaught of 20-year album anniversaries and reunion tours. It’s going to be tough to swallow some of those pills. Can you imagine a world where people are gushing about the first time they heard “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5? Well, you should prepare yourself, because that’s going to happen in 2022 (“Songs About Jane” was released in ‘02.)

But we are here this week to discuss this week to simply bring this to your attention and take a closer look at what we hope this MCR show will be. Unlike other reunion efforts, as far as we can tell, there won’t be any new music to clog the setlist. So what will they play?

We have a few humble suggestions:


REQUEST 1: Opener

You’ve got to open with the first song off of your most recognizable album. This one feels like a no-brainer, the band could even extend the opening guitar riff if they needed to in an attempt to ramp up anticipation (which I’m sure will be palpable on the night of the show). Fuck it — play “Three Cheers” front-to-back. Or at least up until “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” which should be saved for the encore.

Bonus suggestions: Burn one from the first album at No. 2 and then play “Teenagers” third.


REQUEST 2: Set closer (pre-encore)

Is MCR a two-album band? Is that their legacy? I’m asking these questions honestly, as I’m not sure I’d expect much other than a heavy dose of “Three Cheers” and “Black Parade” if I were to attend the show (I am not). With no new album to speak of, that leaves us with a few long, epic songs, and the juggernaut “I’m Not Okay” hanging in the wind. Is it cruel to do a full set without playing “I’m Not Okay”? Probably. But I’m not sure what you’re going to do with an encore if you burn that tune during the regular set, because it’s not like you can play “Black Parade” and “Famous Last Words” anywhere near each other given how long and epic they are. Unless, of course, you end the set with “Black Parade” in all its glory, exit the stage for a few minutes and then come back out for a two-song encore.


REQUEST 3: Encore

You should start the encore with “Famous Last Words” and capitalize off of the mood of the room left by “Black Parade” (assuming the cheering is still bouncing off the walls; the argument against unwarranted encores is truly valid and mistreating the audience in these types of scenarios is truly a sin). But if things go as planned, march your pale asses right back out there after catching your breath and hit ‘em with another epic before closing the whole damn thing down with “I’m Not Okay.” My main worry here is how quickly the show sold out — are these the types of people willing to wait a whole show before SnapChatting a clip of the two songs they recognize? Is this the type of appreciation and patience we can expect? We can only hope. This is uncharted territory for a generation not used to faux Ozzy farewell tours and so forth. Are people treating this like this will be the last chance they get to see MCR? Probably not. Can we hope for a special atmosphere the night of the show given the band’s hiatus? I’m going to say yes. We were all there, we all lived it. If Taking Back Sunday was your group, you’ve had opportunities to relive the angst since the aughts. If you were heavy on MCR, and there were two killers albums around at the time to draw you in, I certainly hope you are there, and I certainly hope the setlist accommodates your needs, whatever those may be (they could open the show with “Black Parade” and blow the damn doors off with it. Who is to say? This is all just very exciting. Inject the Click Five reunion tour rumors in to my cold, black, bracelet-covered veins).

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