Suggests: Tokyo Drift by Mallrat


DROP EVERYTHING!!!! I just discovered this artist literally 15 minutes ago. I was listening to Stand Atlantic on YouTube while working on some web stuff, and I noticed the artist suddenly changed on me. A couple songs by Mallrat played, and I genuinely enjoyed them. I sent a few texts about her to my best friend/cohost Pat, but then, it happened. Tokyo Drift started playing and the world stopped.

A familiar 80’s inspired bass pad ala Stranger Things entered the scene and I assumed the algorithm sent me over to the lofi//chillwave channels I’ve become fond of over the years. But NO! It’s still Mallrat, and the song fucking rips.

If you listen to the podcast, you know that I have been having a hard time emotionally attaching to new music, but this song gripped me immediately. Something about the emo nature of the fluid, crunchy guitar riff that graces the entirety of this song and the slow halftime electronic drum beat just took me away.

The accompaniment makes sure to change up its familiar loops every few bars to keep it interesting, but otherwise the instrumentation and melodies are unwavering, allowing to get fully swept away by the understated melody.

We don't talk much but I hope that you're well,

Let's drive to the beach and play songs from 2012.


This is the perfect song to end a season of Letterkenny on while a rare moment of sincerity/montage fades to black. Not sure how many of you will read that and know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, but tweet at the show and let me know if you agree!

Oh, did I mention SHE WAS FUCKING 18 YEARS OLD WHEN SHE RELEASED THIS SONG??!?! I swore I wouldn’t bring attention to her age, but holy shit is she one incredibly talented songwriter. And not even in a “for her age” kinda way. She’s just incredibly talented and her ability to release better music than folks who have had 3 times her lifetime to practice is silly to me.

If you’re lucky, you might eve catch her on a short US tour. Oh yeah, she’s Australian. Again, if you know me at all, Australians are killing my playlists lately.

Check her out.