Suggests: Young by Grayscale from Nella Vita


Grayscale released their ‘Young’ music video earlier today, the fourth video from their brand new album Nella Vita which released on Fearless Records September 6th, 2019.

The video depicts a diverse ensemble of locals just existing in their environment, grinding at what gives them life, whether it be shredding at the famous FDR skatepark, praying at the nearby cathedral, working late nights at Melrose Diner (one of a few The Wonder Years easter eggs in the video), or dunkin on chumps in a pick up game of hoops (is that what the kids call it?).


We talk often on the podcast about music videos that are either way too literal to the lyrics, or tend to lack any kind of semblance to the song itself, but director Jordan Mizrahi perfectly captures the essence of the song’s meaning and energy throughout every second of this video.

Let’s talk about the song itself...

1. It’s hella catchy. Straight up, I’m not even through the first spin of the record in it’s entirety, (I’ve been busy. Get off my back. I’m almost 30 and my lower back can’t sustain piggy back rides like I used to) but this song stopped me in my tracks. My poor dog’s just waiting for me to throw the damn ball and I’m lost in the lyrics…

“I think I’m better than just giving up in the pouring rain

I think I’d rather love than be a heart of stone that can’t be saved”

I’m starting to realize it’s just an “approaching your 30s” type of emotion, but goddamn I just feel hollow inside. On paper, everything’s going super well. I’m married, self-employed, make good money, and ultimately successful by most definitions, but I’m just not “feelin it”. Heart of stone sums it up almost perfectly. But there’s something about this song that has already penetrated my “can’t connect to new music barrier” that went up somewhere near my mid-20s.

“Give it all until it all gets better

Young blood not going to waste”

2. This song is just empowering AF. And not even in the corny way when bands try to be woke. My impression is that this song is a battlecry of sorts, in the same way Soupy claimed The Upsides wasn’t about him actually not being sad anymore in that moment, but it was more of an affirmation of the tides turning and there’s a better version of life just on the horizon. If you allow yourself to become complacent, it’ll remain on the horizon, or just around the corner, but vocalist Collin Walsh urges…

“So sing, sing if you have something to say

Never gonna see the light if you don’t speak in the first place”

3. As an audio engineer, the mix of this song itself is inspiring to me. I know 2% off you will actually give a shit about this point so I’ll make it quick. Producer “Machine”, aka Gene Freeman (Armor For Sleep, Four Year Strong, Hit the Lights, Chidos, etc) did a really killer job on this record, perfectly blending the high production modern rock vibe with supplemental electronic, funk, and 80s inspired elements into this cohesive masterpiece of an album. That snare tone is sick, the bass is present and powerful, the guitars have their perfect place, and the vocals Sit perfectly balance in the mix, not on top, not buried within, just fucking perfect, man. What more can you say? It’s just so damn good…

Alright, imma finish this record. Tweet at the show and let us know what your favorite track on the album is!