Taylor Swift releases title-track to 'Lover': Reacting to what we know so far

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In one week, Taylor Swift will release her new album "Lover" and that album will feature a decidedly more colorful cover than her previous record "Reputation."

Fans now have four songs to dig into ahead of that release, as well as a couple of music videos. So how have we felt in the weeks leading up to Aug. 23?

Let's ask a fan and an average person…

Release of the "ME!" music video

Fan: Awesome.

Average person: Very colorful. Holy shit this is colorful. "Spelling is fun" is an odd lyric. I mean, did I mention this is colorful? This song is OK I guess. She has set the bar pretty high for herself, all things considered. Perhaps this is not her best. Colorful music video, though.

-click below to listen to the episode we recorded at the very moment ME! was released!-

Release of "Archer"

Fan: I like this.

Average person: I wonder if Jack Antanoff is this moody in real life. Would a reality show based on his relationship with Lena Dunham been one of the greatest or worst reality shows of all time? Let's say I had three lunches I could have with any living person. Would I use one on Jack? Probably not. But what if I had already used up two really good ones like Chuck Klosterman or Simone Biles or something; and what if Jack makes for really good lunch company?

Anyways this song is OK I guess. Nothing so far from "Lover" has blown my socks off. But that's OK. Taylor Swift has set a pretty high bar for herself as a songwriter. It took me a while to get used to "Reputation" and understand it after "Red" and "1989" and those ensuing tours kind of took the world by storm. She's getting older, and hell, so am I. I'm sure "You Belong With Me" would hit me differently today than it did in 2008.

Release of the "You Need To Calm Down" music video

Fan: Cool, great. Keep 'em coming.

Average person: OK. Hm. This feels like a swing and a miss. Taylor Swift has set a pretty high bar for herself. It is possible, I suppose, that this song, at least lyrically, isn't in her wheelhouse? If Ben Lee's "I Love Pop Music" didn't convince people to recycle more, then I'm not sure this song is going to do what it set out to do.

Lyrics aside, this song sounds about as colorful as the music video for "ME!" looks.

Is this album going to be bad?

Is the Katy beef over? Or is it on more than ever now after having her wear that burger costume?

That Kid Rock tweet

Fan: *Cracks knuckles, sits down at a keyboard

Average person: I don't -- I don't really want to touch this one

Release of the title track to "Lover"

Fan: Yes, I like it. You're the one who asked me to participate in this. I am a fan. I enjoy the work of the artist we're discussing. What gives?

Average person: Oh, wow, OK. This is stripped down. This -- is kind of like "New Year's Day"? She must like holidays.

This could have been on "Red," probably.

I wonder if she'll ever do a return-to-form country album someday.

Well, I mean, this is about as county-sounding as some of the tracks on Kacey Musgraves' latest record. What would it take for Taylor to be up for a Country Music Award again, I wonder?

"I've loved you three summers now, honey, but I want 'em all," is a classic Swift gut-punch if I've ever heard one.

I mean, fuck.

Is this album going to be good?