Taylor Swift's 'reputation' Leaves Us With More Questions Than Answers


It's been a week since Taylor Swift released her new album. Like with any new record, opinions can change by the minute during those first dozen listens.

This week, the guys at Reminiscent released their 'reputation' review. The discussion resulted in more questions than answers.

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What's next? More pop? If so, is that her strength? How do the tracks on 'Reputation' stack up to 'Tim McGraw' or 'Back to December' within her catalog? Does 'Reputation' crack her career Top 3 records? Is it even her best pop record? If we're playing the desert island game, and you're a fan of pop Taylor, would you leave '1989' at home?


In the show, the tracks are, song by song, eventually divided into categories like 'bangers' and 'Who cares?' Hopefully, the episode doesn't come off as a smear campaign. Mostly, there's a curiosity about what other fans are feeling.


Do they think another pop record will follow 'Reputation'? Do they want another pop record?


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