Taylor Swift's reputation Stadium Tour on Netflix


On New Year's Eve, Netflix dropped the Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour move. It had steak, it had sizzle, and hey, it had Taylor blowing her nose on stage -- a cute moment to be sure. It also had snakes. Dear christ were there a lot of snakes on that stage.

The movie itself, surely, brought joy to many. One can only imagine the thrill of seeing that stadium full of light-up bracelets illuminate and play the backdrop to one of Swift's many hits. The tour itself was the biggest in US history, bringing in millions of fans and just under half a billion dollars in revenue.

-But this tour was just OK! And we're really sorry we feel that way! We didn't want to!-

Things just haven't been the same since Tom watched the 1989 World Tour documentary. I mean the guy spent hours hunting down the exact jacket she was wearing in the opening tracks of the tour, and definitely spent a bunch of money he didn’t have on a sequin-filled bomber jacket. (This is not a joke. We have receipts)

So that’s what it all boils down to… expectations set too high for a tour centered around an album we already gave lukewarm reviews to in the past. But hey, we’re glad it’s here, and without a doubt, it will be revisited several more times in the future. And Tom may just walk away with a new sequins jumpsuit by the end of the year. Who knows?

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