The Taylor Swift Discography Draft

Graphic by  u/kmeyer1394  on Reddit.

Graphic by u/kmeyer1394 on Reddit.

Lately, we've been playing a game on the show where we "draft" mixtapes song by song from certain years from the early millennium. It's been a fun way to end up very upset with each other in a very short amount of time.

Most recently we decided to apply that game simply to Taylor Swift's discography, because Tom was having a long week and most of our time has been tied up in trying to put out "Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy," which we can now say will drop March 15 on Amazon. (You can pre-order now FWIW.)

Given the success of our "Reputation" on Netflix episode and the feedback we got from that, we were also curious about how our listeners would construct their own personal Swift mixtape.

The rules of the draft were clear in the sense that they were not clear at all and changed several times even after hitting the record button for the show. But we eventually landed on two best friends (us, the hosts the show you're reading about), one song from each album, two wild card rounds, and the potential to steal a song in each of those wild-card rounds.

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This was legitimately one of the toughest drafts we've done. Even though Taylor's catalog is dynamic and offers something for almost anyone, it's still a more limited pool than, say, the entirety of music released in the year 2000. Additionally, each of her albums hecking rips, so leaving songs on the bleachers was going to be tough.

In typical Reminiscent fashion, each round came with a fascinating story, and it really wasn't until this episode (despite talking Taylor a few times prior) that we realized how important her music has been throughout our lives. We've performed some of her songs at funerals, danced to them at each others' weddings, performed them in our high school band, and obviously jammed daily at ear-splitting volumes.

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A week after recording the episode, I can safely say I'm happy with the playlist we settled on, even though it wasn't a collaborative effort like I originally wanted in one of the first few dozen version of the Swift draft we'd planned (you can find the Apple Music playlist on, uh, Apple Music, and see for yourself a tight 60-minute glimpse at the entirety of her career).

In short, the playlist slaps, the episode bops, and we're incredibly curious what (if any) changes you'd make to what we came up with. Tweet at us and let us know which 8 songs would absolutely be on your playlist.

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