What We Thought as Children


Young children have a very active imagination, and they use that to fill the gaps of knowledge. Logic and reasoning rarely plays a part in a young mind, and that's what makes them so special... or annoying, depending on how much sleep you've had the night before. 


As a young impressionable child, I remember hearing information that, if reflected on for even a second, would be disregarded as insanity, but alas, I was 6 and everything was taken in as gospel. I invented my own stories as well, and some of them stuck with me for too long into my adulthood. 


On the latest episode of the Reminiscent podcast, I discussed some of these interpretations and misunderstanding with my cohost Pat, and it led to a hilarious, and often embarrassing discussion. The full episode can be heard below, but we'll highlight some of the best parts in this article. 


Nose Picking.jpg

As a young child, I picked my nose a lot. Let's be honest, I do as an adult too. I just keep my mining practices more private these days. 

My older brother grew tired of watching me dig around in my nose one day and told me that if I picked my nose any more, I'd run out of boogers, and die. I was horrified. I started doing all kinds of mental math, recounting every time I've picked my nose. I made estimates of how many boogers a person is born with, and how much time I had left. 

My cohost made the point that children who experience a death in the family at a young age have an altered, and less innocent view of their own mortality. I came across this in a totally different way as I readied myself to cross over to the other side at any time. 


My cohost reflects on a rumor we all heard in middle school, that Marilyn Manson removed a number of ribs so that he could preform fellatio on himself. The ferocity of this rumor makes you wonder how information spread so quickly before the days of the internet. The details of this rumor were ubiquitous, regardless of where you went to school. 

I'm going to be honest, I didn't google this until moments ago, as I just regarded this as a schoolyard rumor, but isn't blindly rejecting this story just as bad as blindly accepting it? It appears Mr. Manson never actually denied these rumor, but he stated he loves controversy, and pokes some fun, saying "If I really got my ribs removed, I would have been busy sucking my own dick on The Wonder Years instead of chasing Winnie Cooper". LADBible provides some more in depth details of the rumor, as well as The Wonder Years reference. 


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