109. The 2001 Mixtape Draft


2001 was a good year for music, and somehow half of Tom’s picks were from the wrong year. Let’s get that detail out of the way now. His sources are trash. ANYWAYS, the guys return to this fan favorite to draft their ultimate 5 song EP from songs of the year.

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The Guys as Blink-182 for Halloween

And Another…

The Guys Ice Skating

2001 Mixtape on Apple Music*

2001 Mixtape on Spotify**

Are You That Somebody by Aaliyah

Songs of the week:

From the Outside by Real Friends

St. by Restorations

12 Days of Christmas by John Denver and the Muppets

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*Are You That Somebody not available on Apple Music or Spotify

**Spotify automatically adds their own picks to user created playlists, so Fat Lip by Sum 41 and The Rock Show by Blink-182 are included in the playlist by their doing, but we can’t say we disagree with it!