120. Graduation Day by Head Automatica


The year is 2006, you’re 15 years old, you’re wearing the T-shirt of the band you’re about to see, which you just found out is social suicide. You’ve got underwear around your neck, you’re about to get absolutely black out drunk for the first time in your life, but for now, it’s 6pm in Cleveland, Ohio, the lights dim, and before Angels and Airwaves or Taking Back Sunday takes the stage, Head Automatica tears the roof off the already roofless outdoor venue. In this situation, you’re kind of a combination of both Pat and Tom as they recount one of their first concert experiences, and how they first became introduced to Head Automatica.

The guys both break down the lyrics, which are much darker than both realized, a reoccurring theme on this show, the video, and a little bit about the bands career. Daryl Palumbo, if you’re out there, the voice impressions were done out of love. We promise.