17. Breath of the Wild and a Presidential Impeachment

In this freeform, unplanned, go-with-the-flow episode, the guys cover a whole bunch of stuff. Pat helps his girlfriend apartment hunt in Cincinnati, preparing to put an end to their long distance relationship. Tom speaks very passionately about the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch, and finally feels at home in Denver, Colorado after deciding to let the guys from work become actually friends rather than just coworkers. Somehow the conversation turns into baby names, and ideal situations for what type of kids they'd like to raise (but not any time soon) 

The highlight of this episode is the story of how Pat was impeached as school president in high school. You definitely don't want to miss this. 


Ad Astra Podcast

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo Switch

Washington Park, Denver

No Man's Sky

Holly Holm

Pulp Comic Books

Zip Lock Bag (cover) 


Songs of the Week:

Over Before It Began by Joyce Manor

Claustrophobe by Laura Stevens


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