42. Don Carnage, Thinker Boy


The guys create the characters they would play in another persons chronicles, and Don Carnage, Thinker Boy is born. Other than that, which there's an awful lot of, Pat has some more questions for Tom on how he's handling the weeks since Podcast Movement, specifically in how he sees relationships with others. As you can guess, pat and Tom have very different preferences when it comes to maintaining relationships, but it wouldn't be a show if they agreed on everything. Ad Astra announces a T-shirt contest, and stick around to the end to hear some on location recordings on Tom's fiance Megan trying on wedding dresses. It's more fun than you'd think. Promise. 



Yoga Nidra

Ad Astra T-shirt Contest

Emo Night LA


Songs of the week:

Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional

Swiss Army Romance (unplugged) by Dashboard Confessional


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