On New Found Glory's 20th Anniversary Tour

Didn’t get to see NFG on their 20th Anniversary Tour? 

Work call you in unexpectedly? Got a new puppy? Had a fight with your significant other? Forgot they were coming? Moved into a new apartment? Couldn’t find anyone to go with you and didn’t want to go alone? For whatever reason that you couldn’t make it to New Found Glory’s 20th Anniversary Tour, yes it is sad but really it’s no problem because - I’ve got you.

That One Time I Made Out With Jordan Pundik

If you didn’t already know, Jordan Pundik is the lead singer of the renowned pop punk band New Found Glory. 

What can I say about that moment in time? There was a car chase involved, lots of emotional feelings, a blue couch, and some french fries. It was a while ago so unfortunately my recollection of the entire event is a little questionable. 

Here is what I can tell you though...


My Name is Hannah Haddadi and I May or May Not Have a Problem.

I’ve officially been added to the Biography section of Elemental.fm. That’s right, I’m officially a staff writer who is immensely excited to share all her thoughts with you! Okay, maybe not all, but some - I wasn’t given a platform for nothing. I did want the dear readers of this website to be warned however about how this will (most likely) play out.