My Name is Hannah Haddadi and I May or May Not Have a Problem.

Photo by Megan Anderson



I’ve officially been added to the Biography section of That’s right, I’m officially a staff writer who is immensely excited to share all her thoughts with you! Okay, maybe not all, but some - I wasn’t given a platform for nothing. I did want the dear readers of this website to be warned however about how this will (most likely) play out.


I will probably spend a lot of time discussing….Pop Punk. I f*cking love Pop Punk.


At this moment, you might now be asking yourself, who in the heck even is this person and why do they love pop punk so much? Well, I’m so glad you asked! I would love to fill you in so that you don’t feel weird about me as a stranger anymore and we can move right onto becoming friends.


My name is Hannah and I grew up in Denver, Colorado during the time that pop punk, emo, scene, and hardcore music was truly up-and-coming. I indeed dressed very much like a scene kid with my tight jeans, checkered vans, and (awful) asymmetrical mullet haircut. I updated my Myspace profile constantly, attempting to make it seem as if I was mysterious, witty, and dark….at age 14. Sometimes I miss these days, as I was able to see a lot of bands at the start of their careers and felt they understood how angsty and depressed I was as an adolescent.


Over the last couple years of my adult life, I have reconnected with these roots of mine and again, feel as if my favorite bands still understand my life struggles. In fact, I might say that I actually understand them and their songs more now that I am older. Honestly, it also brings me so much joy to sing along and dance to my favorite childhood bands again, as well as to celebrate their years of existence at recent anniversary tour shows.


Do I feel as though my obsession with pop punk might be turning into a problem? Maybe. Is it okay though? ….Yes?


When I’m not discussing pop punk I’m also going to school, working as a barista and herbalist, writing, pondering what I’m going to eat next, and learning about who I want to be and what makes me happy in life.


Something else about me is that I also write and perform spoken word poetry. I am very interested in how speaking and owning one’s truth, or not doing this per se, affects one’s life. I have been writing ever since I was a child, but it has been over the last six years or so that I have re-connected with my passion for spoken word.

For me personally, I feel powerful, worthy, and 100% myself when I am on a stage speaking my true feelings, when I am speaking my truth uncensored from society or the opinions of others. I can be honest, raw, and vulnerable on that platform and if I can be that there, I can most certainly learn how to be those things off stage.


What I haven’t done is write a spoken word piece about pop punk, which is obviously going on my to-do list as of this moment.


So that’s who I am, now who are you?