On New Found Glory's 20th Anniversary Tour

Didn’t get to see NFG on their 20th Anniversary Tour? 

Work call you in unexpectedly? Got a new puppy? Had a fight with your significant other? Forgot they were coming? Moved into a new apartment? Couldn’t find anyone to go with you and didn’t want to go alone? For whatever reason that you couldn’t make it to New Found Glory’s 20th Anniversary Tour, yes it is sad but really it’s no problem because - I’ve got you.

Besides hard guitar riffs, jumping, stage diving, and being surrounded by people who probably understand you, there might have been (hope to the sky above) Sticks and Stones in its entirety. If this album wasn’t played in your town, we’re going to pretend that it was. In fact, we’re going to pretend it was the only thing that NFG played all tour.


So, here you would have been, losing your mind because you just found out that the whole show was just going to be two hours of Sticks and Stones in its entirety! Perfect you say! My favorite album you say!

And here we go, I say!



You’re sick of smiling and so is your jaw from all the excitement. You’re seeing New Found Glory live! Sick of being someone you're not, you finally admit that you really do love their catchy pop punk rhymes. You’re sick of clapping for the opening bands, frustrated that it’s taking so long to see you’re love, Jordan Pundik. You’re also sick of people telling you to smile to appease their patriarchal bullshit, like the guy standing next to you, so you yell in front of him in timely manner with the song, “PLEASE GET ME OUT OF THIS SPOT.”

You can’t help how you feel but you’re getting worse, you swear it.




OH LORD. One of your FAVORITE SONGS. That jackass next to you keeps trying to get you to make eye contact with him though. Dude, just maybe you need this and I definitely didn’t lead you on, so please know I’ll always pick my friends over you. Somehow the band does that trick in their music video where their heads spin like IT’S NO BIG DEAL. No pain no gain, I guess?




Did you lose the best part of your day? Yeah, us too. Your neighbor, your friends, acquaintances, partner, maybe even your pet? It’s better when you’re going any way.

But is it Jordan....is it really.





What the fuck? The guy who was bothering you at the beginning of show is back. Dude, I’d like to present you with something I call personality. You finally tell him that you’re gay and to sort this out on his own time, seriously go on and sort this patriarchal virus you have, out on your own time - NOT at the show of my FAVORITE BAND. K thx.  

Before you jump to conclusions, about all the friends I have (and myself) just remember they (and I) were born this way. Plus no matter how happy you are, thanks to capitalism, the crumbling of society as we know it and the mixed messages you get daily about what it means to be a real human, you’ll probably always want more.





Whoa, look out, you’re about to go head on collision with anyone who thinks they can destroy or interrupt your enjoyment at this show. Luckily, the girl next to you seems to be as sensitive (and tough) as you, so you take a chance and whisper to her, “Ever feel like you’re at an all time low?” But unfortunately it is loud as all can be in the venue and now you’re the one who looks creepy.




I’d rather die than spend this night here without you. DRAMATIC CITY. But like, I feel you brah. Mostly it’s just “burning up in here” which is exactly how you would have felt in the crowd by the time this song was played.




The perfect break up note. Well, more appropriately let’s be honest, one of the BEST break up anthems. Enough said. What else is there to say? Nothing except this song is infamous and resilient and so are you.

(Anyone else notice Jordan’s amazing shirt?)



Trying to convince someone you’re over the past? Then this is the song you want to air guitar and lip sing for them. Let them know, you would stand outside in the rain and you won’t take anything for granted because - you’re over the past and you really don’t care about what happened before.

Is it cool if I see you tonight? There’s a thousand questions I want to ask you, if ya think it’s alright.





All dressed up and nowhere to go...you may have taken this trip alone. Maybe you tried to get a hold of your ex or friends in your emo state but they conveniently shut off their phones. Their loss  because you’ve actually been live instagraming the show this whole time.

P.S Wish this song had a video - it could be so good. Think: magic tricks, Jordan pulling other band mates out of top hats....ya know, super classic stuff but with some clever (emo)tional spin.  




By now you’ve definitely singled out all the other cute pop punker’s in the room and also the crowd surfer that you’re avoiding having to hold up or be responsible to catch. Nope. Not my role and trust me, you don’t want to put your faith in me that I won’t just move out of the way when you fall.



Belated? What’s belated are the punches you’re going to throw down on that guy who just won’t leave you alone. You know the one, there’s always one. I'm pretty sure we mentioned him before. Is it the same guy? Probably? No offensive, but it’s also usually the guy much older than everyone else who came alone and maybe even brought his own flask filled with something weird he made at his house that smells like alcohol but who knows what’s really in there.




Did you notice all my feelings? I had to also tell you that the sky will never look the same again. Is it true that you like to sleep alone? Or is it what you just tell everyone? Is this a song you listen to when you’re sad or when you’re in love? I’m not totally sure to be honest but, I do know it’s a great song that asks a lot of questions...

The set is just about over and by this time of the night, you’ve had at least two or three drinks and as a lightweight you’re arms are around the shoulders of the beautiful people on either side of you and you all are swaying and singing together.

Beautiful, it's just beautiful. And you’re right, you probably won’t be the same after tonight.


Well friends, that’s the end of our tour of Sticks and Stones/20th Anniversary show. Save me a seat and hopefully next time we can sing these songs together.

As always, may the pop punk be with you.