That One Time I Made Out With Jordan Pundik


If you didn’t already know, Jordan Pundik is the lead singer of the renowned pop punk band New Found Glory. 

What can I say about that moment in time? There was a car chase involved, lots of emotional feelings, a blue couch, and some french fries. It was a while ago so unfortunately my recollection of the entire event is a little questionable. 

Here is what I can tell you: 

The rest of the band was out grabbing some late night grub but Chad, Jordan, and I had stayed and were hanging in the tour bus. I was told that Chad was really talkative that night and I guess one could say that was true.  Chad and I discussed in length about the different kinds of monsters that lived under our beds as children and although I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him, trading stories and childhood fears, I was secretly hoping that Hayley Williams would pop out of some small space within the tour bus to say hello at any moment. (Because in my mind of course, they visit each other on tour whenever they want? Also, RIP.) So anyway, there I am hanging with Jordan eating a plate of french fries that came from who knows where, when suddenly a fight between him and Chad breaks out! I couldn’t tell you what happened but it seemed as if Chad just snapped. The fries were tossed, punches were thrown, and I’m just standing there extremely confused. 

I did what I think anyone in this kind of crisis would do. I picked up every last french fry from the table and floor and wrapped them in my shirt, folding and tying them up in a sort of crop top basket against my stomach. After I knew the fries were safe, I got in the middle of Jordan and Chad, yelling that if the punching didn’t stop I would start throwing a few myself. I could not believe that I was the person who in this moment had to remind Jordan Pundik and Chad Gilbert of their longtime friendship. Chad yelled that I was right and that the fighting should stop. He yelled one more time only to express how much he loved Jordan and then promptly stormed out. 

Jordan and I were finally alone. 

That’s when we kissed. I remember the couch being blue, as well as Jordan’s shirt, and come to think of it my shirt may have also been blue. Apparently we had a theme going. Did this mean we were meant to be? I almost brought up the meaning of colors and how they correlate to auras when….the rest of the band decided to come back to the bus just in time to ruin our make out session. For pop punker’s, they sure did complain a lot, as they wouldn’t stop discussing how they didn’t find any of the late night food they had been craving. It was in this moment that I would win over the band as a whole because you guessed it, I saved those french fries for our midnight snack. (They were fancy ‘New Denver’ bullshit truffle, parmesan, aioli fries dressed with homegrown parsley or something, how could I not?) Chad also eventually came back to the bus and all would end well as the six of us played cards and maybe a game of charades. I can’t even begin to tell you about the car chase though. 

The details are a little fuzzy because…this was actually a dream I had a couple weeks ago. 

What can I say about this moment in time? That unfortunately it didn’t actually happen. What I can also say about it though, is that it has reaffirmed that my crush on New Found Glory continues to rage and make me blush - even in my dreams.  

I didn’t mean to lead you on with my headline and I’d probably still pick my friends over you, unless….you’re Jordan Pundik with a plate of fancy french fries.


May the pop punk be with you. 


In Denver on November 16th? 

See NFG at The Aggie Theatre w/ The Ataris in Fort Collins!

Be there or be just pop.