Living the Slow Life

I've never been a "watch guy". I've never been much of an accessory guy in any capacity, actually. When I was 13 my girlfriend bought me a fossil watch I thought was pretty cool, but it still didn't scream my name. Not to mention the engraving on the back of it. "BBBF Forever". It stood for "Best Buddy Boy Friend Forever". Don't ask. I was 13. And when I sold it at a garage sale for $20.00 5 years later, I pretended like I had no idea what it meant.  


Actually, now that I think about it, on my birthday 3 years ago, I commented on my buddy's watch, and he took it right off his wrist and gave it to me. It was probably the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me. Kind of a "shirt off their back" kind of vibe. But still, it wasn't quite the watch I've been searching for. 

I've long been interested in finding a wrist watch that embodied a minimalist style, but would stand out amongst a crowd of other matte black timepieces. 

Slow Jo 24 by Slow Watch

Slow Jo 24 by Slow Watch

On one particularly hot July afternoon, half way through a grueling shift of work, I heard CGP Grey describe a very interesting sounding watch on his podcast Hello Internet. Naturally, I snuck away to a secluded corner in the cabinet shop so I could research the piece more. To my surprise, it was just as beautiful and interesting as it was described. A 24 hour, 1 handed face, with a beveled (octagonal) case, hard to take my eyes off of it. This was it. The white whale. I had to have it. 


Fast forward 9 months later, it finally arrives in the mail, and it is everything I hoped it would be. What matters to me the most is not it's sleek design, minimalist display, or even the quality of the authentic Italian leather, but the functionality and the lifestyle that Slow Watch promotes. 


I'm the kind of person who will pull out his phone every 3 minutes to check the time, but only hastily look at the numbers and never actually fully process it, forcing me to look again because I only check out of habit, not to actually check the time. Again, with the slow watch, this problem is rectified. If I take the extra 3 seconds to really look at the watch face, I can usually guess that time +/- 2 minutes, but does it really matter if it's 4:33 or 4:36? Absolutely not. And it never will.

fuzzy clock

Some time last year when I realized I was destined for a life of entrepreneurship, it became clear my time would become more valuable, and productivity would need to go up by an order of magnitude. I'm not the most efficient person, so I've slowly been building an arsenal of tools that would trick me into being more productive. I installed a tool bar on my Mac called iStatsMenu specifically for the Fuzzy Clock app. As pictured, my computer reads the time in plain text, rounded to the nearest five minutes. The ambiguity of the precise time relieved a lot of stress and mental processing as I was no longer continually doing the math on how long I've been working, and how much time I have left. Since it leaves a little up to guess work, it becomes less important and I just work until I'm done. This was great, but was only accessible when I was sitting in front of my desktop computer. I wanted this feature to flow over into the rest of my life, and not just be associated with work, and this is exactly what I get out of my Slow Watch. 



If you, dear reader, have been seeking a change, are looking to increase efficiency, or just to own the most unique watch on the market, you need a Slow Watch. They're affordable, sexy, and most importantly, keep time perfectly. I've enjoyed every moment I've spent with the watch thus far, and am looking forward to trying out the other interchangeable strap options. 



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