Xfinity Mobile Experience, Part 3: 24 Hours Without Service, Worst Customer Service Imaginable

This woman told me my line was suspended for “unauthorized activity”, but wasn’t allowed to tell me what it was. Oh my God, was it my rant about Comcast and net neutrality? I didn’t think it possible, but maybe? 

Xfinity Mobile Experience, Ordering the iPhone X, Part 2: Where's My Money?

Service in and outside of Denver in outstanding. I switched from T-Mobile, which had abysmal coverage on the outskirts of Denver, where I spend most of my time working in the field installing solar panels for Tesla Energy. Functioning on Verizon's towers, I have yet to hit an area with no, or even low coverage.

Xfinity Mobile Experience, Part 1: Ordering the iPhone X

I'm a sucker for a deal, and an expert at justifying spending a lot of money on new tech. While on a call (more of a wait, less of a call) to talk to Comcast about my internet suffering a significant drop in speed, I was pitched a cell phone plan that sounded too good to be true. Part of me was kinda pissed they were trying to sell me on the very same call where I was upset about their service, but an even bigger part of me was intrigued.