Xfinity Mobile Experience, Part 1: Ordering the iPhone X

This is a developing story, and a part 1 of 4.

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I'm a sucker for a deal, and an expert at justifying spending a lot of money on new tech. While on a call (more of a wait, less of a call) to talk to Comcast about my internet suffering a significant drop in speed, I was pitched a cell phone plan that sounded too good to be true. Part of me was kinda pissed they were trying to sell me on the very same call where I was upset about their service, but an even bigger part of me was intrigued. 


The plan is the brand new Xfinity Mobile, where the customer loyalty department was offering a $500 VISA gift card after using their service for 90 days. Obviously I had a ton of questions. 

Overall, it's not bad. Currently, I'm on T-Mobile's Unlimited Plan at $75/mo, capped at 32gB unthrottled speed before being slowed down to 2G download speeds. 

I have 2 reasons for wanting to switch to Xfinity Mobile. My iPhone SE is barely functional with the iOS11 updates, and T-mobile is pretty much useless if you're not within Denver proper. I am almost always on the outskirts of Denver for work, and my phone turns into a really expensive flashlight when I lose service. 

So here's the deal.


  • The mobile plan is only available to current Comcast Internet customers (and you must also be a TV customer to receive the $500 gift card).
  • You can't bring your own phone on to Comcast Mobile, one must be purchased or financed through them
  • Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon towers for calls and data
  • Your payments must be set on autopay
  • "By the Gig" plans runs $12/gig
  • "Unlimited" plan runs $45/mo
  • "Unlimited" means 20gB of data/mo before being slowed down to 1.5mbs/sec if you're in a heavy usage area



This is where my justification skills kick in. 


I want the new iPhone X for obvious reasons, but can't afford T-Mobile's unlimited plan AND the iPhone Upgrade or financing program, but I CAN afford Xfinity Mobile and their iPhone financing program. That, coupled with selling my iPhone SE for $225 and the $500 gift card, the phone virtually pays for itself within 10 months of paying a significantly cheaper phone bill. Pretty good right?!



So let's discuss the process of ordering the phone.


You can do it online, BUT, you won't get the $500 gift card unless you purchase through the customer loyalty department. I'm glad I called in to ask about that, rather than just assume the $500 gift card would be sent to my mailbox automatically after 90 days. 


I was immediately connected to the Customer Loyalty department after confusing the absolute hell out of their automated dialing system by mashing a series of numbers until it gave up and just sent me to a human. I spoke with a very nice man named... shit, I forgot his name, but he was very nice. After an 8 minute hold while he "found the offer" he explained to me, in great detail, how their service worked, (I'll explain the details in a bit) and I verbally agreed to their user policy. I paid the $178 for taxes + 1st month service + $12/mo insurance, and went on with my day. All together it took 28 minutes, and about 10 of those minutes were just me asking a LOT of questions. (You can never be too careful, even when the unknown named man sounds very nice).


These are the details of the agreement...

(Everything I know is what I heard from the sales rep)


  • Your payments must be set to autopay, and you can switch which card you use, but one has to be provided at all times. 
  • If you stop paying, Xfinitywill discontinue service until full payment is made
  • You can cancel your plan within 30 days, and return the phone for a $35 restocking fee
  • If you cancel your plan AFTER 30 days, but remain a Comcast Internet and Television customer, you have the option to keep the phone and continue paying for the rest of the 24 month payment period
  • If you cancel Xfinity Mobile, Internet, and Television AFTER 30 days, you must pay the remaining balance of the phone immediately. 
  • Your phone will work and can be moved to other phone services such as Sprint and Verizon, as these are CDMA phones, but since there's no available SIM slot, you won't be able to use this phone on networks like T-Mobile or Boost. 
  • Taxes for the phone must be paid upfront. 
  • Xfinity Mobile will pair data with their usage of the 8 million Xfinity Hotspots

Now here's the part of the story where I already feel sketched out. 


The $500 gift card promotion ends December 4th, and the only iPhone X available within that timeframe is the 64gB Space Gray phone, which will be delivered (drum roll.....) December 4th. That means, the delivery MUST NOT be late, because if the phone is activated AFTER December 4th, you won't receive the gift card after 90 days of service. 

This is intense. This is the ENTIRE REASON why I'm even considering switching to, what is essentially a brand new phone carrier. 

The other weird caveat is that I ordered the phone today, November 22, and my monthly payments start immediately, but I won't get the phone for 2 weeks. Oh well. If I'm spending $1,100 on a phone, what's another $20, right? 


Overall I'm pretty excited at the thought of the latest iPhone (a beautiful one, nonetheless) on Verizon's cell towers, for $45/mo. Not too shabby. When the phone arrives, I'll write a part 2 to describe how the process of setting up the phone went, and hopefully I'll have exciting news about how the phone arrived on time, and that I'm eligible for the $500 promotional gift card!


Wish me luck!