Xfinity Mobile Experience, Ordering the iPhone X, Part 2: Where's My Money?

This is a developing story, and a part 2 of 3.

xfinity mobile.png

For those of you who read part 1 of this story, you'll know that I ordered the iPhone X from Xfinity Mobile under the pretense of a $500 gift card for activating the phone by December 4th. I expressed concern that the delivery date for the phone was scheduled for December 4th, leaving me no wiggle room, potentially losing the $500 incentive. Well, it turns out, the worst case scenario was realized. I received an email notification with the arrival date of the new phone listed as December 5th. Uh oh.

So I called Xfinity support and got a hold of a seemingly very busy man who was eager to get his calls over with as quickly as possible. I take about a minute to explain my situation. I ordered the phone because of the incentive, was told I wouldn't receive the $500 VISA gift card if the phone wasn't activated by December 4th, the phone was backordered and expected on the 4th, but was to arrive on the 5th. After a brief hold, the man told me I wouldn't receive the money, and I could refuse delivery of the package and cancel my service. Damn.

I immediately called back and a totally different scenario played out. A very pleasant young woman answered the phone and kindly asked me for all my personal information. She looked up my account, apologized for the situation I found myself in, then went on to ensure me that I would in fact receive the $500 gift card, because the promotion was already applied to my account. I reiterated what I was told on the previous call, just minutes before, and she apologized for the representatives lack of care, and assured me that had he taken the time to look up my account as she did, he would have seen the details of the promotion more clearly. She then encouraged me to call back after I activated the phone to make sure the promotion was still valid, and that they'd do everything they could to make sure I received the service they promised when ordering the phone. 

In part 3, I guess I'll cover whether or not I received that gift card, as well as how the first few billing cycles went. In all of Xfinity Mobile's paid Facebook ads, many people talk down to the company for their terrible service as a ISP, as well as their tendency to add surprise and mysterious fees. I haven't experienced that in my several years using them as an ISP, but I guess I'll find out more about their new mobile service. 

All of that, however, will be part 3, and we're still here in part 2, so let me discuss the process of activating the phone and service so far.

Packaging of the iPhone X by Xfinity mobile. Not shown, instructional card, protective bubble wrap.

Activating the iPhone X was an absolute breeze. Their packaging was beautiful, and came with a beautiful instructional pamphlet printed on a nice, heavy card stock. I followed the link printed on the instructions, and in less than 3 minutes my phone was fully functional on the Xfinity Mobile network. I was very happy to see the iPhone boot up without the presence of bloatware and other awful company branding screens from Xfinity.  The phone loaded just as it would if purchased directly from the Apple Store. This was a concern of mine, remembering how Verizon used to run an ad on startup on my old Motorola RAZR back in high school. 


Screenshot of my first month's phone bill on Xfinity Mobile app

Service in and outside of Denver in outstanding. I switched from T-Mobile, which had abysmal coverage on the outskirts of Denver, where I spend most of my time working in the field installing solar panels for Tesla Energy. Functioning on Verizon's towers, I have yet to hit an area with no, or even low coverage. I haven't made it up to the mountains yet, but from what I hear, Verizon is the only carrier that has signal in the Rockies, so Xfinity Mobile should do well up there. 


Overall, I'm happy with the signal I've been receiving in and out of town, the app is easy to use and clearly breaks down your bill, and my phone isn't flooded with bloatware. There's not too much more you could ask for out of a mobile phone carrier. 





However, as this article was being written, I've had an experience that totally tarnished everything. You can read about it in part 2.5, coming soon.