Xfinity Mobile Experience, Part 3: 24 Hours Without Service, Worst Customer Service Imaginable


Oh, Xfinity Mobile. You were doing so well. Parts 1 and 2 we’re written in your favor. I was rooting for you. I was rooting for myself, my decision. 


The atrocity happened right after I was wrapping up recording a new episode of the Reminiscent podcast, which took place around 2pm on a Tuesday. As I continued to talk to my cohost via Skype for iOS while talking my dog for a walk, the call was dropped. I called him back. “Can not connect”. I tried again. Nothing. So I called him via cellular, and that’s when I realized it wasn’t Skype. I got a recorded message from Verizon Wireless claiming there was a service interruption, and to restart my phone and try again. 


(EDIT: This has now happened twice. Currently working on a resolution. One more time and I'm out)


Oh the old “turn it off and turn it back on” trick. 9 times out of 10 it works, so I give it a try. Nothing. I get the same error message. I loaded Google to check if there they’re services outages in the area, and surprise, I can’t connect to the internet. 


Not a big deal, I’ll wait until I’m back home and use WiFi calling to get in touch with customer support and see what’s going on. Once back inside, I use WiFi to search the service number, and I hit dial. This is when things got even worse. I got the same recorded message from Verizon Wireless saying my call can’t be completed. So I go through my iPhone setting to make sure WiFi calling is enabled, and I can’t find the toggle. So I Google Xfinity WiFi Calling only to find out, they don’t offer it. Shit. That is a huge issue, and one that I wish I knew about before switching to Xfinity Mobile. They claim it will be offered after some provider issue are settled, but I guess we’ll just have to see about that. 


The second time this month my line has been suspended.

The second time this month my line has been suspended.

The only option I had was to tweet at Verizon and Xfinity Mobile hoping for some clarity. Verizon Customer Support tweeted back saying there were some outages in the area, and that techs were working on it. I was unable to find anything online confirming outages in the Denver area, but I waited it out. 





The next day, 7am, after 17 hours without service, I borrow a coworkers cell phone and call my number. His message from Verizon was different. “The number you’re trying to reach has been suspended”. Suspended. Suspended?! I can’t think about what I had done wrong. I mean, on the podcast the day before I mentioned the Net Neutrality decision was an embarrassment, and Comcast was definitely on the wrong side of the fence with it, but they weren’t listening? Were they? 


These were the first thoughts that crossed my mind. With this new information, I used my coworkers cell phone to call Xfinity Mobile’s customer service department, and it was all downhill from there. 


The first customer service representative picked up within one minute, and I was feeling lucky. I explained the issue with my service, and recited the recorded messages I receive from Verizon Wireless. He seemed perplexed. He asked for my name, address, birth date, phone number, last 4 of my social security number, and last 4 of my credit card on file. He claimed this was not the card on file, however, it was the exact number displayed on the Xfinity Mobile app. He apologized and said, “Sometimes the system just doesn’t work”. Sure man, whatever. 


After reassuring me that I have no service interruption, he exclaims, “Oh wait! You said cell phone? This is for Xfinity Mobile? That’s a different department. Let me send you there”. I called the Xfinity Mobile number listed on their app, so I’m not sure why there was confusion, but I’ll let it slide. After a short hold, 2-3 minutes, I speak with a lady who asks for all my personal information again, and again, they claim it’s the wrong credit card number on file, and she also explains how their system just doesn’t work some times. Sure man, whatever. I explain the issue, and she tells me my line was suspended because “they need more information”, and that she’ll put me on hold and get me in touch with someone who can help. 


I’m on hold for another 4-5 minutes when I get a man who’s very hard to understand. He asks me for all my personal information again. Name, number, street address, social security, last 4 of my credit card. Again, my credit card doesn’t check out, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He then asked how long I’ve been at my current address. 13 months. He then asks for a previous address and how long I lived there. 2.5 years. He then asks where I lived before that. And this is where I absolutely lost my patience. I didn’t see why they needed the past 5 years of my living situation, so I asked to be transferred to someone else who was willing to help me and not just ask for information I thought to be irrelevant. He informed me that I called him, and his department only asks those questions, and that I have the wrong department.


Then he hung up on me. After 25 minutes on the phone, I was hung up on. 


I called back, and immediately got someone else. I explained my situation, and had to give all my information all over again. It was getting tiresome. They transferred me to someone who could “help”. I get another woman who needs me to recite all my personal information for the 5th time. Name, street address, birth date, phone  number, social security, last 4 of my credit card on file, which again received issues. 


This woman told me my line was suspended for “unauthorized activity”, but wasn’t allowed to tell me what it was. Oh my God, was it my rant about Comcast and net neutrality? I didn’t think it possible, but maybe? 


So she transfers me to someone else, who then asks for all my personal information. Again. Name, street address, birth date, phone  number, social security, last 4 of my credit card on file, which again received issues. 


This man tells me that someone tried to purchase a bunch of iPhone on my account, and that he had to escalate it to someone else. So he “puts me on hold”, but I immediately hear a dial tone, as he hung up on me. All together, I spent 42 minutes on the phone, and got absolutely nowhere. At this point, I was late to the job site, as was my amazing friend of a coworker who allowed me to use his phone. I had to print out directions from Google maps, and miraculously I made it all the way to the job site without getting lost. 


Around 1pm, my phone was being flooded with texts that have been on hold since I last had LTE service, about 23 hours before. With no explanation, my suspension was redacted, and I’ve had phone service ever since. 


As I write this 3 days later, I have yet to receive any actual information about the suspicious activity, the ordered iPhones, or why my line was suspended and then reinstated. I guess everything is okay? I could call customer service to ask, but I don’t have any confidence that they’ll be able to assist me. 


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After reading Twitter for a few minutes, I found out my experience was no unique. 

I’ve always heard people complain about Comcast’s customer service, and I guess I’ve just been lucky in the years Ive used them as my ISP and never had to get in touch with them. I pray to the void that I’ll never have to call them again. If everything were to just function as normal, Xfinity Mobile might actually be a good service, but maybe the huge savings as a mobile carrier is taken out of the customer service experience. Is it worth the extra $60/month to receive better customer service with Verizon, T-Mobie, or AT&T? I’m not sure. I just hope nothing like this ever happens again.