1. Senate Health Care Bill (pt. 1)

This is the first episode of the Straight Up podcast. We give a quick intro to the podcast and then read the Congressional Research Service's section-by-section summary of the new draft of the Senate Health Care Bill released Thursday, June 22, 2017. This episode's reading is performed by Dr. Newton Campbell, co-host of the Ad Astra podcast.



Senate website on the new Health Care Bill
Full text of the bill
Congressional Research Service section by section summary of the health care bill (this week's reading)

* Clarification not described in the document/reading: FPL = Federal Poverty Line

Outline of Reading
Section 101. Elimination of Limitation on Recapture of Excess Advance Payments of Premium Tax Credits
Section 102. Restrictions for the Premium Tax Credit
Section 103. Modifications to Small Business Tax Credit
Section 104. Individual Mandate
Section 105. Employer Mandate
Section 106. State Stability and Innovation Program
Section 107. Better Care Reconciliation Implementation Fund
Section 108. Repeal of the Tax on Employee Health Insurance Premiums and Health
Section 109. Repeal of Tax on Over-the-Counter Medications
Section 110. Repeal of Tax on Health Savings Accounts
Section 111. Repeal of Limitations on Contributions to Flexible Spending Accounts
Section 112. Repeal of Tax on Prescription Medications
Section 113. Repeal of Medical Device Excise Tax
Section 114. Repeal of Health Insurance Tax
Section 115. Repeal of Elimination of Deduction for Expenses Allocable to Medicare
Section 116. Repeal of Chronic Care Tax
Section 117. Repeal of Medicare Tax Increase
Section 118. Repeal of Tanning Tax
Section 119. Repeal of Net Investment Tax
Section 120. Remuneration
Section 121. Maximum Contribution Limit to Health Savings Account Increased to Amount of Deductible and Out-of-Pocket Limitation
Section 122. Allow Both Spouses to Make Catch-Up Contributions to the Same Health Savings Account
Section 123. Special Rule for Certain Medical Expenses Incurred Before Establishment of Health Savings Account
Section 124. Federal Payments to States
Section 125. Repeal of Medicaid Provisions
Section 125(1)(A) and 125(3). Federal Payments to States: Presumptive Eligibility
Section 125(1)(B). Federal Payments to States: Stairstep Children
Section 125(2). Federal Medicaid Matching Rate for Community First Choice Option
Section 126. Repeal of Medicaid Expansion
Section 126(a)(1)(A)(i) and (iii). ACA Medicaid Expansion
Section 126(a)(1)(A)(ii). State Option for Coverage for Non-elderly Individuals with Income That Exceeds 133% of FPL
Section 126(a)(1)(B). Existing ACA Definition of Expansion Enrollees
Section 126(a)(2)(A). Newly Eligible Federal Matching Rate
Section 126(a)(2)(B). Expansion State Federal Matching Rate
Section 126(b). Sunset of Essential Health Benefits Requirement
Section 127. Restoring Fairness in DSH Allotments
Section 128. Reducing State Medicaid Costs
Section 129. Safety-Net Funding for Non-expansion States
Section 130. Eligibility Redeterminations
Section 130(a). Frequency of Eligibility Redeterminations


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