12. Harvey Weinstein (Part 1)


Newton and Zoe do audiobook-style readings of the statements and accusations surrounding this year's Harvey Weinstein controversy. We will be reading the accounts of each of Harvey Weinstein's accusers in chronological order in an attempt to yield full data about the accusations surrounding the controversy (this will be a multi-part episode). Note that these accounts are written and described by multiple media sources (New York Times, Washington Post, etc.).

The reading list for this episode is as follows:


Statement from Harvey Weinstein to the New York Times

And the following accounts from individual accusers

1980: Paula Wachowiak


1984: Tomi-Ann Roberts

1984: Female crew member of Playing for Keeps

Late 1980s: Lysette Anthony

Late 1980s: Lisa Rose

Late 1980s-early 1990s: Elizabeth Karlsen

Around 1990: Kate Beckinsale

1990: Sophie Dix

1990: An unnamed assistant in New York

Early 1990s: Rosanna Arquette

Early 1990s: Account from Kathy DeClesis about a young woman working for Weinstein

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