2. Senate Health Care Bill (pt. 2)

This is part two of our three-part reading of the Congressional Research Service's section-by-section summary of the Senate Health Care Bill released Thursday, June 22, 2017. This episode's reading is performed by friend of Elemental FM and advocacy coordinator for cystic fibrosis, Zoe Aldrich. Zoe reads Sections 131(b)-Section 135 of the new Senate Health Care Bill.

Section 131(b). Increase in Matching Rate for Implementation of Work Requirement
Section 132. Provider Taxes
Section 133. Per Capita Allotment for Medical Assistance
Section 133(a). Application of Per Capita Cap on Payments for Medical Assistance Expenditures
Section 133(b). Adjusted Total Medical Assistance Expenditures
Section 133(c). Target Total Medical Assistance Expenditures
Section 133(d). Calculation of FY2019 Provisional Target Amount for Each 1903A Enrollee Category
Section 133(e). 1903A Enrollee; 1903A Enrollee Category
Section 133(f). Special Payment Rules
Section 133(g). Recalculation of Certain Amounts for Data Errors
Section 133(h). Required Reporting and Auditing; Transitional Increase in Federal Matching Percentage for Certain Administrative Expenses
Section 134. Flexible Block Grant Option for States
Section 134(a). In General
Section 134(b). State Application
Section 134(c). Financing
Section 134(d). Program Requirements
Section 135. Medicaid and CHIP Quality Performance Bonus Payments


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