3. Senate Health Care Bill (pt. 3)

Part 3 of our 3-part reading of the Congressional Research Service's detailed section-by-section summary of the draft Senate Health Care bill, read by our host Dr. Newton Campbell.

Sections read:

Section 136. Grandfathering Certain Medicaid Waivers
Section 137. Coordination with States
Section 138. Optional Assistance for Certain Inpatient Psychiatric Services
Section 139. Small Business Health Plans
Section 201. The Prevention and Public Health Fund
Section 202. Support for State Response to Opioid Crisis
Section 203. Community Health Center Program
Section 204. Change in Permissible Age Variation in Health Insurance Premium Rates
Section 205. Medical Loss Ratio Determined by the State
Section 206. Stabilizing the Individual Insurance Markets
Section 207. Waivers for State Innovation
Section 208. Funding for Cost-Sharing Payments
Section 209. Repeal of Cost-Sharing Subsidy Program


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