I Live in America. Where Should I Move?


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Our founder, Thomas Patrick Kelly, may soon need a new home.


Like anyone, he has a desire to be cool. But it has also come to his attention that he might rather own a multiple-bathroom home in southwestern Ohio than rent an apartment in Austin, San Francisco, or Denver with his pup and new fiance.


So, we ask you this: where in the world should Tom go?

Cincinnati, Ohio #37 Best Place to Live in America

Cincinnati, Ohio #37 Best Place to Live in America

Is he doomed to be an uncool property owner like some kind of mouth-breathing knuckle-dragging dolt? Is he destined to a life of mediocrity, moving to Business Insider's No. 37 Best Place to Live in America 2016?



Is home really where you make it? Is life a garden? If so, should we dig it?

This week the folks at Reminiscent discuss what's next for Thomas, the soon-to-be-newlywed.


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