The first recordings of Reminiscent took place the day Tom moved across the country to Denver, Colorado. Pat and Tom have been close friends since they met in 8th grade, which Tom still sadly recounts as "the best year of his life, and it's all been downhill from there". 

Throughout the show, both hosts have moved multiple times, got engaged, married, landed new jobs, promotions, and started multiple companies of their own, and they spare no details as they recount some of the most exciting and difficult times of their lives. 

The guys always try to focus on the humor in any situation, and often get caught up conversations about their favorite bands, tv shows, or movies, and always take time to answer listeners questions, as well as indulge into relaxing meditation sessions that always go way off the rails, or listen in on their sister station, Oh Canada! 



The Funny One

Pat holmes

Pat is a journalist working in Cincinnati, OH. He was once impeached from his position as high school president. He used the resulting suspension, as outlined in the student handbook, for a long weekend college visit to his future alma mater, Ohio University. After serving as the student newspaper's editor several years later, he graduated with a journalism degree and political science minor. His moral compass is based on the fictional character Woody from the film Toy Story as well as T.J. Detweiler from the cartoon television series Recess.


The Other One

Tom Kelly

Tom spent the last 8 years focusing on recording bands from his home studio, but has since transitioned to producing podcasts. When not grinding away on the editing screen, Tom enjoys making music for his one man band Hyrule, marathonning Gilmore Girls with his girlfriend, and walking their dog in the park near their house in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, but it's mostly to hit the nearby Pokestops. His love, or rather obsession for The Legend of Zelda and Elon Musk is unparalleled, so don't get him started unless you're ready to be there for a while. He plans to see how far his dreams of being a self-employed entrepreneur will take him as he works night and day to see his podcasts to the top of the charts. 



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