127. Linkin Park's Meteora v. Something Corporate's Leaving Through the Window, 5 for 5


In a bizarre mashup of sorts, the guys decide to each talk about 2 completely different albums at the same time, inspired by a friend and listener of the show. Tom covers the album Meteora by Linkin Park, and in normal long-winded Tom fashion, it’s full of stories form his adolescence. The album helped him through some serious family trauma as a young teen, motivated him to wear nothing but DC clothing for years, and he even performed a song for three 7th grade girls in his bedroom after an early dismissal day. But he was in 6th grade so it was totally cool.

Pat discovered his album Leaving Through the Window”by Something Corporate much later in life after having a few casual interaction in 8th grade along with Tom. One of the songs has strong ties between him and his wife, while others remind him of strolling campus alone as a bushy eyed college freshman.

126. Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard


Tom kicks things off with an apology that was months in the making, the guys discuss Blink-182 touring with Lil’ Wayne, Pat throws some serious shade at Jacksonville, Florida (sorry Tom’s mom), there was a traumatic experience while hearing Ocean Avenue for the first time, whether or not Best of Me by The Starting Line is a better pop-punk song, does Metallica rock or not, and about an upcoming 10 year reunion and the anxiety that surrounds it. Was that even a sentence?

125. Bring Me to Life by Evanescence


No middle school skating party is complete without three things: four wheels, glow sticks, and screaming “Wake Me Up!” as your mom watches you maneuver left turns for hours on end. Bring Me to Life by Evanescence is an absolute anomaly that shook the entire nation in 2003, winning 4 Grammys, and introducing “Goth Metal” to a whole mess of children who would otherwise still be jamming Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne.

This week, the guys break down the lyrics, music video, and dig into some of the interesting back story behind the making of this song, along with uncovering one of the greatest names in emo history, Ben Moody.

124. Me! by Taylor Swift feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco

ReminiscentWide124 2.jpg

The most anticipated single of the year dropped as we started recording this episode. Taylor Swift teamed up with Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco to create the jam of the summer in Me! We discuss all that’s lead to this moment, where she’s come since reputation, then watch the video live!

123. Taking Back Sunday, In an Old Freezer, but with Stock Footage


MakeDamnSure is a song that captivated the iPod Nano’s of everyone in our sophomore high school class. The guitar riffs are infectious, the melodies carry every adolescent emo heart away to the darkest corner of their angst, and the lyrics are weirdly poetic and altogether confusing. But, unfortunately, the music video kinda sucks.

This week the guys break down the shot list with insider information from some behind-the-scenes footage that originally aired on MTV2, take a dive into the lyrics, ultimately disagreeing on what the song actually means, then discuss plans for next week when Tylor Swift announces something on midnight April 26th.

122. Strange Love by Simple Creatures, a Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth Supergroup


After a storm of housekeeping, including but not limited to, the Taylor Swift Book Club, seeing Kelly Clarkson in concert, and several apologies for last week’s episode, the guy dig into the new “Supergroup” from Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 and Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, “Simple Creatures” .

The guys discuss whether or not this album is objectively good, whether or not they actually like it, will it make future road trip playlists, is it “cool kid music” and who would actually be jamming this EP on the regular. This last bit is met with wild speculation involving some college kids, a Bluetooth speaker from Wal-Mart, and failed joints rolled in student sponsored housing. It gets weird.

121. Oh Canada... the draft


Our sister station up north takes an entire episode for themselves to draft their favorite songs that have come out of the Great White North. As always, the songs come with wildly entertaining stories of what the world was like when the guys first heard the songs: stories about catholic school, car rides with their dad, thinking you discovered porn at your friend’s house (sorry, just The New Pornographers album), and how a 5.1 surround sound experience literally almost made one of them fall out of their chair.

120. Graduation Day by Head Automatica


The year is 2006, you’re 15 years old, you’re wearing the T-shirt of the band you’re about to see, which you just found out is social suicide. You’ve got underwear around your neck, you’re about to get absolutely black out drunk for the first time in your life, but for now, it’s 6pm in Cleveland, Ohio, the lights dim, and before Angels and Airwaves or Taking Back Sunday takes the stage, Head Automatica tears the roof off the already roofless outdoor venue. In this situation, you’re kind of a combination of both Pat and Tom as they recount one of their first concert experiences, and how they first became introduced to Head Automatica.

The guys both break down the lyrics, which are much darker than both realized, a reoccurring theme on this show, the video, and a little bit about the bands career. Daryl Palumbo, if you’re out there, the voice impressions were done out of love. We promise.

119. Steve Aoki feat Blink-182... a Disaster Piece


Blink-182 recently released a new song and music video with Steve Aoki, and wow… So much to talk about. The lyrics are wack, the video is wack, the collaboration is wack, Steve’s Kill Bill jumpsuit is kinda cool but also kinda wack, and there’s just a lot of things going wrong with a band that’s been so important to us over the years.

That then begs the questions… Did the integrity of the band leave with Tom? Have they sold out? Do we care if they sold out? What does the future of Blink-182 look like moving forward? Before we can answer those questions, we gotta do what we do best: speculate wildly over unimportant details of the music video, and break down the lyrics that are super self-explanatory, but not before totally forgetting to mention major details like the blinding and totally cringe-worthy Smirnoff vodka ad that totally just made matters worse.

Also, Tom is starting a vlog (but don’t tell Pat), the guys discuss publishing their first book, our sister station “Oh, Canada” drops in to give some takes on Mr. Aoki, and we all take a little bit of time to relax.

118. Partying in the USA with Matt Farley of Motern Media


Matt Farley of Motern Media fame stepped in for Tom this week to discuss Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus with Pat. For those of you who don’t know Matt, this dude has over 20,000 songs on Spotify and has been featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for his song “Used to be a Pizza Hut”. Straight up, this dude is a genius. You can also buy our anti-novel Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy now on Amazon! What a week. We love you all. How do I end this thing….?

Buy Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy!!!

117. The Year 3000 by The Jonas Brothers


The year is 3000, you’re underwater for some reason, your great great great granddaughter is doing fine, and The Jonas Brothers are making bangers out of songs that weren’t theirs to give. Tom and Pat take out the microscope and dig into the ethical dumpster fire that is the music video for this song. Pat tells a store about microwaving a pistachio for an hour and a half, and Tom drops a bomb on Pat before announcing he’s officially self-employed. What a ride.

116. Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy (the first 6 chapters)


In a huge change of plans and a rare solo episode, Tom talks about his 36 hours spent in Las Vegas, why it’s a solo episode this week, about the founding member of Creed buying him dinner in Vegas, and he reads the first 6 chapters of their new antinovel, Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy.

115. 2002 Mix Tape Draft, feat. Bill Conway of The Hard Times


Bill Conway, co-founder of The Hard Times stopped by to talk about his brand new podcast, his experience writing some of the funniest parody articles at The Hard Times, throw some straight edge shade towards Pat, and to draft his favorite songs from 2002 with us. As always, lots of great stories, and it was really awesome to hear the perspective of the music scene from someone quite a bit older than us. Needless to say, we have some new music to dig into.

114. The Taylor Swift Discography Draft


Taylor Swift has played an interesting part in Tom and Pats lives over the years, and they take a minute revisit the entire discography in this week’s draft. Each picks 1 song from each album to draft to their EP, with 2 wild cards from any album to complete a 7 track mixtape. Some of the songs on the list have been played at multiple weddings, funerals, have been performed as acoustic covers when the guys were still in their teens, and still grace their top played list on Apple Music to this day. Make sure to let them know which songs would make your EP, and don’t forget to pre-order their upcoming anti-novel, Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy!!!


113. Cartel's Chroma: Honestly, a One Album Wonder


Let’s face it… Chroma was a good album, but it fell just short of great. The guys try to dig into what it was missing, along with all the things it did incredibly right. Pat tells a story of how the senior class was inspired to make a “tobacco pipe” after attending a surprise Cartel show, and Tom announces some exciting details about their upcoming antinovel, Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy.

112. Punk Goes Pod, Vol. 112


The Punk Goes…. series from Fearless Records has been a strange part of the scene since their debut in 1999. Being a victim of their own haste and careless assignments of bands has unleashed more than a handful of truly awful cover songs, but maybe it was all worth it for the few that have stood out from the rest. The guys discuss the best and worst that has come form the series over the years, and close the show out with some life changing breaking news from Tom.

111. The New Found Glory Episode!


Where would pop punk be without New Found Glory? Some would argue there would be no change, while others claim they defined the genre with their anthemic choruses, half time headbangers, and unapologetic refusal to evolve their sound. The guys discuss their legacy, their absolute affinity for cover albums, and whether or not they’ll be remembered as an A or B list band.

110. The Starting Line's "Best of Me" Music Video

The Starting Line wrote on of the best songs of the decade when Best of me Dropped in 2002. It’s been one of the guys favorites since first spin, and they finally take the time to discuss the music video, as argue incessantly about what the hell the lyrics mean. The video plays into the weird quirky humor that surrounded many songs in the genre around that time period, but they seemed to have pulled it off better than most others. Take a deep dive as they break down the frame by frame, and end the episode with a sample of Pod Carnage: Inside the Author’s Studio.

109. The 2001 Mixtape Draft


2001 was a good year for music, and somehow half of Tom’s picks were from the wrong year. Let’s get that detail out of the way now. His sources are trash. ANYWAYS, the guys return to this fan favorite to draft their ultimate 5 song EP from songs of the year.

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108. Taylor Swift's reputation Stadium Tour on Netflix


Taylor Swift dropped her reputation Stadium Tour documentary on Netflix this week, and there’s no way the guys weren’t jumping on it as soon as possible. As referenced in their earlier episode reviewing the record, neither Pat nor Tom were the biggest fans of the record, but they thought maybe seeing them performed live would breathe some new life into the songs, which turned out to be very true for some of the numbers.