119. Steve Aoki feat Blink-182... a Disaster Piece


Blink-182 recently released a new song and music video with Steve Aoki, and wow… So much to talk about. The lyrics are wack, the video is wack, the collaboration is wack, Steve’s Kill Bill jumpsuit is kinda cool but also kinda wack, and there’s just a lot of things going wrong with a band that’s been so important to us over the years.

That then begs the questions… Did the integrity of the band leave with Tom? Have they sold out? Do we care if they sold out? What does the future of Blink-182 look like moving forward? Before we can answer those questions, we gotta do what we do best: speculate wildly over unimportant details of the music video, and break down the lyrics that are super self-explanatory, but not before totally forgetting to mention major details like the blinding and totally cringe-worthy Smirnoff vodka ad that totally just made matters worse.

Also, Tom is starting a vlog (but don’t tell Pat), the guys discuss publishing their first book, our sister station “Oh, Canada” drops in to give some takes on Mr. Aoki, and we all take a little bit of time to relax.

118. Partying in the USA with Matt Farley of Motern Media


Matt Farley of Motern Media fame stepped in for Tom this week to discuss Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus with Pat. For those of you who don’t know Matt, this dude has over 20,000 songs on Spotify and has been featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for his song “Used to be a Pizza Hut”. Straight up, this dude is a genius. You can also buy our anti-novel Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy now on Amazon! What a week. We love you all. How do I end this thing….?

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117. The Year 3000 by The Jonas Brothers


The year is 3000, you’re underwater for some reason, your great great great granddaughter is doing fine, and The Jonas Brothers are making bangers out of songs that weren’t theirs to give. Tom and Pat take out the microscope and dig into the ethical dumpster fire that is the music video for this song. Pat tells a store about microwaving a pistachio for an hour and a half, and Tom drops a bomb on Pat before announcing he’s officially self-employed. What a ride.