115. 2002 Mix Tape Draft, feat. Bill Conway of The Hard Times


Bill Conway, co-founder of The Hard Times stopped by to talk about his brand new podcast, his experience writing some of the funniest parody articles at The Hard Times, throw some straight edge shade towards Pat, and to draft his favorite songs from 2002 with us. As always, lots of great stories, and it was really awesome to hear the perspective of the music scene from someone quite a bit older than us. Needless to say, we have some new music to dig into.

114. The Taylor Swift Discography Draft


Taylor Swift has played an interesting part in Tom and Pats lives over the years, and they take a minute revisit the entire discography in this week’s draft. Each picks 1 song from each album to draft to their EP, with 2 wild cards from any album to complete a 7 track mixtape. Some of the songs on the list have been played at multiple weddings, funerals, have been performed as acoustic covers when the guys were still in their teens, and still grace their top played list on Apple Music to this day. Make sure to let them know which songs would make your EP, and don’t forget to pre-order their upcoming anti-novel, Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy!!!


113. Cartel's Chroma: Honestly, a One Album Wonder


Let’s face it… Chroma was a good album, but it fell just short of great. The guys try to dig into what it was missing, along with all the things it did incredibly right. Pat tells a story of how the senior class was inspired to make a “tobacco pipe” after attending a surprise Cartel show, and Tom announces some exciting details about their upcoming antinovel, Ron Carnage: The Thinker Boy.

112. Punk Goes Pod, Vol. 112


The Punk Goes…. series from Fearless Records has been a strange part of the scene since their debut in 1999. Being a victim of their own haste and careless assignments of bands has unleashed more than a handful of truly awful cover songs, but maybe it was all worth it for the few that have stood out from the rest. The guys discuss the best and worst that has come form the series over the years, and close the show out with some life changing breaking news from Tom.

111. The New Found Glory Episode!


Where would pop punk be without New Found Glory? Some would argue there would be no change, while others claim they defined the genre with their anthemic choruses, half time headbangers, and unapologetic refusal to evolve their sound. The guys discuss their legacy, their absolute affinity for cover albums, and whether or not they’ll be remembered as an A or B list band.

110. The Starting Line's "Best of Me" Music Video

The Starting Line wrote on of the best songs of the decade when Best of me Dropped in 2002. It’s been one of the guys favorites since first spin, and they finally take the time to discuss the music video, as argue incessantly about what the hell the lyrics mean. The video plays into the weird quirky humor that surrounded many songs in the genre around that time period, but they seemed to have pulled it off better than most others. Take a deep dive as they break down the frame by frame, and end the episode with a sample of Pod Carnage: Inside the Author’s Studio.

109. The 2001 Mixtape Draft


2001 was a good year for music, and somehow half of Tom’s picks were from the wrong year. Let’s get that detail out of the way now. His sources are trash. ANYWAYS, the guys return to this fan favorite to draft their ultimate 5 song EP from songs of the year.

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The Guys as Blink-182 for Halloween

And Another…

The Guys Ice Skating

2001 Mixtape on Apple Music*

2001 Mixtape on Spotify**

Are You That Somebody by Aaliyah

Songs of the week:

From the Outside by Real Friends

St. by Restorations

12 Days of Christmas by John Denver and the Muppets

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*Are You That Somebody not available on Apple Music or Spotify

**Spotify automatically adds their own picks to user created playlists, so Fat Lip by Sum 41 and The Rock Show by Blink-182 are included in the playlist by their doing, but we can’t say we disagree with it!

108. Taylor Swift's reputation Stadium Tour on Netflix


Taylor Swift dropped her reputation Stadium Tour documentary on Netflix this week, and there’s no way the guys weren’t jumping on it as soon as possible. As referenced in their earlier episode reviewing the record, neither Pat nor Tom were the biggest fans of the record, but they thought maybe seeing them performed live would breathe some new life into the songs, which turned out to be very true for some of the numbers.

107. The New Year's Episode


In this very self-serving episode, the guys discuss how far the show has come since the beginning of last year. They also reflect on how far their own lives have come since early 2018, and line up all their goals for 2019.

106. The Stacy's Mom Power Hour


The music video for Stacy’s Mom is problematic at best, and the guys get down to the bottom of it. There’s a lot of speculation over what Stacy’s mother does for work, if the young boy is running a reputable landscaping company or just filling in for a few mows, and whether or not Stacy herself is deserving of his love. Adam Schlesinger strikes again in this hit single from the early 2000s.

105. The Sum 41 Hour of Power


The Sum 41 special is finally here, and its dedicated it in it’s entirety to Amanda. If you’re anyone other than the Queen herself, please stop reading now. The guys can’t help but compare Sum 41 to Blink-182, which leads to a lengthy discussion on can they be compared, and more importantly, SHOULD they be compared. They then blew open a conspiracy about the bedrock in Ajax, Ontario possibly being too high to support inground pools, leading Zach to believe that the music video for In Too Deep was shot out of the country, and if true, can the band be trusted? Are they even Canadian? Who am I?

104. Post-Egyptian Rock Christmas Ballads


We were born into the worst era of music, and our 00-10s Christmas music playlist is the final nail in the coffin on that argument. The guys discuss what Google claims are the most notable songs from the decade, and throw in a few of their favorites as well.

103. The Click Five: Monsters of Power Pop, An Oral History of "Just the Girl"


The Click Five was an anomaly that needed to be discussed on this show at some point. The research from this episode lead the guys to the discovery of a legendary song writer Adam Schlesinger, a hero from the early 2000s who’s had a strong hand in several of our favorite songs from the era. The episode gets really fun with an embarrassingly in depth analysis of the music video, as well as the lyrics for the breakout (and only) hit, Just the Girl.

102. Our Phases of Music: the Good, the Bad, and the Cringy


Everyone’s taste in music changed over time, and the guys sat down today to map out their musical journey, starting with their very first favorite song, and how preference adapted and got more sophisticated as they aged. They also discuss the question that’s on a lot of twenty-something’s minds these days, is it okay to not emotionally attach to music like you used to? All of that after a quick recap of Thinkercon in Huntsville, Alabama.

101. The Year 2000 Mixtape Draft


Pat moves into a new house, gets a new dog, and goes to the ER, and that’s just in the first 30 seconds. After a few mailbag questions re: the dog, and an embarrassing confession from 15 years ago, the guys launch headfirst into a year 2000 mixtape draft of their favorite songs that were released in Y2K. Make sure to check out our Apple Music and Spotify playlist of our picks from the episode. Just don’t spoil the surprise!

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Apple Music playlist

Spotify playlist

Pat’s New Puppy!

Nutrish by Rachael Ray


Songs of the week:

Keep This Up by The Story So Far

White Bronco by Action Bronson

Lazy Eye by The Silversun Pickups

When I’m Alone by Lissie

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100. The Paramore Episode


The long anticipated Paramore episode is finally here, and it’s the first episode of the newly rebranded podcast. The guys dive into their past, how their albums have changed over time, the first time they listened to their music, and how the experience has changed over time. Tom digs a little bit into controversy over Misery Business, and fumbles through some of the issues with toxic masculinity in the pop punk scene.

99. Erie, PA Scene Queens


In the most reminiscent of Reminiscent episodes, and the final show before the rebrand, Tom, Pat, and Zach take a deep dive into what it was like growing up in a small town’s booming music scene in the early 2000s. Tight pants, straight hair, and infinite breakdowns ruled everything around their playful pop punk band, but they stuck with it for 5 years and have loads of stories to tell.

98. I'm a Razzle Dazzle Boy


Since Zach’s arrival on the show, the mailbag has been piling up. Tom doesn’t understand a question, then he doesn’t understand the next one either. The guys get into some arguments about fictional bands, Zach teaches everyone how to make Maple Syrup, we hear the first showdown of Razmataz vs. Razzle Dazzle, Zach explains a Minnesota good-bye, then they all do one before awkwardly signing off.

97. Avril Lavigne: Pop-Punk Princess, Post-Grunge Valkyrie


Tom takes a stressful bath right before recording, and then the guys launch right into the long awaited Avril Lavigne episode with some fun facts, and both are absolutely blown away by the numbers she’s managed to pull since the dawn of her very early career. It’s clear the pop-punk princess has been taken for granted by many, but it doesn’t appear to have slowed her down.

96. The Autumn Episode, An Olfactory Overload


Autumn is among us, and the guys talk about their favorite fall traditions, and how they’ve changed over time. One of the guys’ dads gets a little competitive when it comes to carving pumpkins, Tom gets punched in the face on Halloween, the day he first hung out with Zach 15 years ago, and Zach has controversial opinions on which Halloween candy he’d always trade up for.