22. The Social Networks, pt. 2

This week, the guys REALLY QUICKLY discuss if a god can be willed into existence, even if there really isn't one. But this ends as quickly as possible, and moves onto  ___, after Pat gets pissed about a trip to the dentist. Tom announces a bold claim on who he thinks may be the sexiest man of all time. Revisiting and expanding what was discussed last week, Tom explains why certain elements of a concert he was looking forward to was ruined by others, and that becomes the topic of this episode. 


Tom's new tarot cards

Lazlo Bane- Superman (Scrubs Theme Song)

No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls (full album)


Man Forced to Watch Concert Through His Own Eyes (Satire)

S-Town Podcast

Louis CK's 2017

Bottom's On Top Podcast


Songs of the week:

Plea From a Cat Names Virtute by The Weakerthanks

Sun in an Empty Room by The Weakerthans

Opinion Overload by Simple Plan

Boom by Simple Plan


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