Age of Hysteria: Appreciating Green Day's 'American Idiot' 15 years later

In defense of the pop culture scraps that Gen Y was dealt, I will make these basic claims: “American Idiot” is very good, and it was more punk to completely shift gears and successfully pull off a soaring rock opera than to continue to come out with iterations of “Dookie,” writing 2-minute songs into your 50s about how mushy your brain gets when you take pills.

Suggests: Young by Grayscale from Nella Vita

We talk often on the podcast about music videos that are either way too literal to the lyrics, or tend to lack any kind of semblance to the song itself, but director Jordan Mizrahi perfectly captures the essence of the song’s meaning and energy throughout every second of this video.

What is the best song on Taylor Swift's new album Lover?

The record has been out for a couple of weeks now, and we've had a chance to work through it a few dozen times, wandering back and forth in our minds (and back again, and forth again) about whether it's objectively better than her previous record "Reputation." By this point, many would concede that it is a very good record, though falls short of the Tier 1 of Taylor, a shelf occupied by "Red" and "1989."

10 years of 'The Only Exception': Remembering Paramore's highest-charting Hot 100 hit (at the time)

Close your eyes. Think about the Mount Rushmore of 2000s music. Who comes to mind? Band-aid Nelly? American Idol Season 1 Kelly Clarkson? 8-Mile Marshall Mathers?

Beyonce? JT?

If you're sitting at a bar or a barbershop, and this particular debate arose, there is at least a fair chance Paramore, led by red-hair Hayley Williams, gets brought up (if only as an honorable mention, if only to elongate the discussion).

Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth Have Dropped Their "Simple Creatures" EP and We are Reacting to it in the Name of Content, Goddamit

Hoppus would fare well in a Scott Pilgrim universe, proving, most likely, to be a worthy opponent with the baselines and nananas and talk of fallen angels and grave grass and so forth, but every ying needs a yang. Alex proves to be a worthy one, and this EP feels more fun than ambitious, and it's not likely Hoppus is driven by an unquenchable urge to outduel anybody. We can love Mark for what he is and what he's brought us without going out of our way to make everyone feel bad about it.

The Taylor Swift Discography Draft

This was legitimately one of the toughest drafts we've done. Even though Taylor's catalog is dynamic and offers something for almost anyone, it's still a more limited pool than, say, the entirety of music released in the year 2000. Additionally, each of her albums hecking rips, so leaving songs on the bleachers was going to be tough.

On The Starting Line's "Best of Me" Music Video

But the concept of living somewhere in the middle came to mind the other night when we stumbled onto the topic of the Starting Line on this week's show. We'd hoped to do a quick, breezy 40 minutes on the most popular version of their "Best of Me" music video (there are more or less three distinct versions, depending on how far down you scroll on YouTube).

What we ended up getting into, however, was a bit of an impasse on the legacy of the band and the different things that probably hurt their standing as time moves forward.

The Year 2000 Mixtape Draft

One of the ideas we had for intermittent episode formats after the rebrand was song drafts. We went over and over how to categorize the songs and we thought it would be fun as hell to draft them by year for our ultimate mixtapes.

We started at the year 2000, which in hindsight may have been the biggest mistake we ever made, missing Blink-182’s Enema of the State by 6 months. (Don’t worry, we found a loophole for that one.)

Sam Pura on the Making of The Story So Far's "Proper Dose"


I recently reached out to Sam Pura, owner of and chief engineer at The Panda Studios to see if he could answer a few questions about the production of The Story So Far’s new album, “Proper Dose” via email. Surprisingly, he responded within hours, and requested a phone call instead.

My first thought was, ‘holy shit, that’s way too much pressure’, but nothing good comes of just hanging out in your comfort zone, so I pushed it a step further and asked if we could record the conversation for my podcast, Reminiscent. I do the show with my best friend, and we mainly talk about music from the genre, so I figured a break from the normal weekly routine would be well accepted by our listeners. Again, much to my pleasure, he agreed, and we set a date.

Proper Dose Album Art.  Available Now

Proper Dose Album Art. Available Now

Within 2 minutes of the recording, I realized why he preferred a phone call to an email… there was a hell of a lot to talk about, and an email wouldn’t do it justice. I originally planned on asking a barrage of questions focused on the production from a technical/production angle, but the 80 minute conversation took a different direction. The first 25 minutes or so were heavily focused on the headaches and industry politics that hindered the initial progress of the album, as well as the overall sound.

I was able to get a couple of straight answers out of Sam about the recording processes, although he claimed at one point that he didn’t want to give away too much of his IP, or intellectual property. That’s totally fine with me, but it made me have to rethink the entire point of the interview in real time, which was difficult, as I don’t typically do this kind of thing.

However, the interview turned out better than I thought, and as it’s too difficult to type out all that was discussed, I’ll just drop a link to the podcast below. Really, there was an awful lot going on, and I’m super glad we recorded it all.

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Vancouver's Youth Fountain, Formerly Bedroom Talk Signs to Pure Noise Records

Vancouver B.C. emo / pop punk band Youth Fountain, formerly Bedroom Talk is the newest name on the Pure Noise roster. This announcement explains why their much anticipated debut full length album "Letters to Our Former Selves" has been stalled with very little explanation. The record is now slated for a 2019 release, but their fans have a brand new music video (watch below) and an EP of their previous releases to enjoy for the time being. 

On Air Combat's "The Story Of The Boy With The Stolen Name"

Taking a step back after weeks of listening to read all the lyrics, straight through without music, I began to admire this EP even more. As a concept album, every song is an extension of the last, unveiling another part of the story. Each song contains a call back, lyrically, to the previous song, and I felt it allowed me to connect much deeper with the songs.

Interview with Michael Hegner on Julien Baker's album, "Sprained Ankle"

 This record created my production philosophy. The entire premise for the project was to give Julien a record that was her. By letting Julien be Julien and not trying to get her to be anybody else we got a record that is an accurate representation of her soul.

Interview with Dave Schiffman on Pup's New Album, "The Dream Is Dead"

Dave Schiffman is a Grammy winning record producer from Los Angeles, California with so many records under his belt, the list would certainly exceed the word count of this interview. Read on to hear in depth detail of how he went about recording Pup’s latest full length album, “The Dream is Over